high EMI interference (fluorescent lamp)

Hi, im working on a thermostat for my fridge, i have almost all sorted out, exept for a big problem, there is a fluorescent lamp near my arduino, which makes it go nuts for a while when i turn on the light, since im controling the fridge compressor i do not want to have the arduino crashing or switching the compressor a few times in 5 secconds, is there any schematic, or basic circuit i can use to fix this problem?

A box of lead? Jk Do u know if its the power supply causing the problem? Or the arduino circuit try another power supply

I would be concerned about cycling the compressor several times in 5 seconds - not good for life of compressor and it may not even start if cycled that fast.

yeah, arduino being interfered could make some damage... about the power supply is an USB charger.... but the source of the EMI is the fluorescent lamp...

You can use shielded cables, that’ll prevent noise on the cables, maybe an enclosure for the arduino itself, something metal but that’s going pretty far for that kind of interference
most likely you may need a more stable power supply
what exactly does the arduino do? Can you make a video of it?

Just garbage on the LCD for what i can tell, but I'm sure it has relationship wit the fact I'm using a breadboard

Yes that's probably why, I find the data lines on lcds and other screens are extremely sensitive, many times have I checked every connection and fixed it without even noticing something wrong, is the relay for the compressor acting funny? Its probably only related to the screen, that can fixed with more solid connections

I also suspect you have no supply decoupling either:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Tutorial/De-coupling.html

In the introduction to this section it says:-

For problems with Arduino itself, NOT your project

In what way is this a problem that is not to do with your project?

any arduino in the same place would get an interference?