High Frequency Variable Voltage Stepper Motor

Hi all,

I’m looking to generate high-frequency square waves of around 200ma with a variable (but relatively high) voltage of about 36V. Basically if I could guarantee that a stepper motor would pulse at a rate of a few milliseconds I’d use that, but I don’t think that it’ll be fast enough with switching.

Anyone have any recommendations on an existing circuit that could be triggered by the timer on an arduino board, but supply some variable voltage and well-defined current?


Why not use a stepper motor driver board that does all that stuff for you and just needs step and direction signals from the Arduino?


High frquency being what exactly?

MarkT: High frquency being what exactly?

I'm looking to generate an asymmetric square wave with a period of no more than 10 to 25 ms at most. It's driving a load with a constant impedance but I need to finely control the voltage and current in over that time.

That's not high frequency.

It's driving a load with a constant impedance

A motor is definitely not a constant impedance load.