High pitch whine from LCD normal?

So I used the GLCD library v3 and wired up a 128 x 64 AZ Displays AGM1264F. I'm pretty new with the auduino so I don't know what's normal or not. Anyhoo, I wired up the LCD and ran the demo code and it worked great, but there is a slight high pitched whine noise coming from the LCD. I checked the wires and didnt see any shorts or anything. Is this normal???

Thx GP

It’s common to hear whining coming from multilayer ceramic capacitors. Those are fairly common now on integrated modules; it may be that’s what’s whining on your displays.

The Quick Shield: breakout all 28 pins to quick-connect terminals

Sometimes the back light of an LCD is a cold cathode tube. This requires a high voltage to drive it and it is supplied by an inverter. If so you can generally hear a small noise from the inverter caused in main by the wire in the inductor moving as magnetic fields pulse in it.