High power relay

hey guys,

I am thinking about a new project in my house, and i need some advice.
I am planing on turning a 3000 Watts, 220 V water heater using Arduino. I already have a switch for it but i want to connect it to my Arduino and to control it using GSM Module. I was thinking about connecting it with a relay of curse but I wanted to hear some of your suggestions to my idea.

I do most of my parts shopping on Ebay, so i would be happy if someone could give me a link to good quality relay, and of course one that can hold 3000 Watts and not burn up.


Go for a logic level SSR Something like one of these

Hi, Some info on these relays HERE

NOTE: When running high currents, this type relay needs to be attached to a heat sink or a metal chassis to dissipate some heat.

The heat sink usually looks like THESE

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Or a contactor