high power switching arduino

This is about an arduino mega based PCB, which can switch up to 40 mains (110V or 230V) devices, and has various input sensors.

It is originally intended to be a variable load (Electronic Load Controller ELC or Induction generator controller IGC) for hydro power systems, with additional features like water valve control (main input valve MIV), and monitoring/protection/automatic shutdown features.

However it can be used in any application where it is necessary to switch many and/or high-power devices.

Examples: electric heating systems, light systems for home, stage, theater, 3-phase appliances, home automation.

Possible types of switching: - 24 channels with zero-crossing switching, up to 4kw each - 3 channels with phase-angle dimming, up to 3kw each - 8 channels with SSRS, up to 10 kw each - 5 channels with mechanical relays.

32 Inputs: mains voltages, mains frequency, current, temperature, a few galvanically isolated inputs.

Additionally, the board has an LCD display 320x240pix, a 4x4 keypad, SD card, ethernet, GSM

I have produced a small batch of 10 PCBs in through hole method, and have soldered them all by hand.

Now I am thinking of getting a small run produced at itead in SMD technology. Obviously, the price will depend a lot on the number of boards.

So I would be interested to get some feedback if a board of this type would be of interest to a broader community.

A preliminary guesstimate of the price would be 150-200 USD/EUR for the PCB, excluding the power switching elements (triacs and SSRs). It makes sense to mount the triacs and ssrs separately, because - they need heat sinks - to keep some distance to the PCB to avoid EMI interference - they are the single most expensive components, so it makes sense to buy only the ones you need.

The software would be open-source, so anybody can modify it to their needs.

More information: www.hydroelectronics.net

Any feedback is welcome! Thomas

Oh, I also would like to mention that I would be just as glad to buy a PCB with the above features, but I couldn't find one anywhere. The closest I found was the Gboard pro from itead, but it doesn't have the peripheral hardware to drive the triacs and SSRs, and also the signal forming to measure line signals.

So I would need to make an additional interface shield - which brings us to the starting point again :-)


In order to judge demand a bit more accurately, I have created a survey. Anybody involved in hydro power is welcome to give his input: hydrocontrol survey

Thanks Thomas