High Pressure sensing

An application that I am working on needs to apply an oil flow pressure of 150psi for 5 seconds through a nozzle. I am trying to find a pressure sensor to show the pressure on a digital gauge, but I can't seem to find a peripheral that will sense and then display a pressure that high. Any suggestions?

Hm, I just googled for 'digital pressure transducer 200psi hydraulic' (hydraulic specified to cut out the millions of gas-only pressure sensors; I assume that's what you're using it for anyway) - and got a bunch of results. Some are even sold by Amazon. These seem to be readily available, though expensive.

Check the datasheets for info on how to get the data out of them; in some cases, this may be less than convenient.

I use Omega PX-309 pressure gauges for high pressure water. They are expensive, but very accurate and extremely reliable. The 0-5V output version is convenient. http://www.omega.com/pptst/px309-100mv.html