High Res Pictures over 3G 4G From Camera

Hello Guys

I,m researching a bit to find out how to send High Res Photos from a Photo camera or High Res video camera in the smallest setup posible.

I was thinking maybe Canon cameras and 4G .

have any one experience on this ?

One of the difficulties is get the actual data either the direct video raw picture and or the picture file from the SD card of a camera.

Is there any device shield that can have input output from an SD card so you connect to camera in one side and get pins out of it ?

i saw those sd sniffer but maybe they are not for this purpose.

the other issue is convert this file to be able to send it via 3G,4G , i saw some 3G shields for arduino like this http://www.cooking-hacks.com/3g-gprs-shield-for-arduino-3g-gps

what are the possibilities ideas you can recommend about that ?


Are you thinking of trying to read a high res jpeg from an SD card and then use the arduino to e-mail it?


At one point I used Eye-Fi cards to get pictures out of the camera. http://www.eye.fi They support not only PC and tablets, but also Android platform, so you could probably write an app to send an email with the picture.

Hi ,thanks for replies.

The idea is to send pictures from a far away drone realtime or almost real time , maybe 2-4km so wify seems a bit short for that, i checked the Eyefi, they are cool , i could, i guess send to other arduino via wifi in the drone and this send via 3G or similar but this will be heavier and bigger that having one solution. , i thought 3G,4G because they have no limitation on distance as long as their is mobile telephone coverage. but there could be other radio wireless possibilities ?


Arduino will have a hard time dealing with high res images, especially in realtime. You'll have to look at something much more powerful. What I had in mind was a smartphone close to the EyeFi card (inside the drone, in your case) which acts as a WiFi hotspot, receives an image, then uses mobile networks to send it over the internet wherever you need it.

However, the realtime part of your requirement is tough. Why not use FPV systems already out there?

hi yes i check some FPV but usually they send only composite noisy video , i,m looking for pictures of 4000x4000px at least , maybe clean clean HD video would approach , but the other problem with FPV is the distance they have limited distance i think they can not send data to various kilometers away, This is why the Gsm idea also. Arduino will basically read the data from SD card and send via 4G in the case of pictures and SD way.

Arduino will basically read the data from SD card and send via 4G in the case of pictures and SD way.

No it won't, not in anything approaching real time. It may be a fact that 4G is fast enough but the Arduino is not, by a long way.

hi i know it will not send the pictures in milliseconds ,as long as it get the picture send it ,get next picture send it , whatever time it takes in the real time process although i dont get them in this very same second, i guess it will take seconds or even minutes to send a huge picture via 4G anyway. Basically the fastest possible way to send them remotely.


Stick an Arduino in and you could be in to the hours or days. Do some real calculations, what is the file size you are trying to shift? How fast can you read one byte, multiply that by the file size.

If you're after real time video then you probably don't really want or need high resolution. There is a GSM modem shield which has an onboard video camera which can be controlled by the Arduino and used to send a video stream over the mobile data network. I don't remember who the supplier was or how much it cost, but I remember thinking at the time that the price seemed reasonable. If that isn't what you want, the anternative solution (which is probably easier and cheaper and simpler to implement, but doesn't involve Arduino) is to write an app that sends a video feed and put it on a smart phone which you strap in your vehicle. It could be as simple as something to auto-answer an incoming skype call from a particular contact.

colorsound: i,m looking for pictures of 4000x4000px at least , maybe clean clean HD video would approach

That's quite a requirement. I wouldn't attempt it with anything slower than a few GHz processor, a couple of GB of RAM and a proper broadband internet connection.

ok guys i,ll see what i get , thanks for ideas and suggestions. i,ll post if i get anything ;D