high resolution angular measurements sensors

Need help in selecting the best IMU(sensor) for measuring angles(yaw, pitch, roll) of even about 1'(one minute). I.e 10/60(1degree/60).

That is a very demanding requirement. How much do you have to spend on this?

There is no problem in spending higher amount for the sensor but accuracy of 1[/sup]o/60 or 1 minute is more important.

Again, how much are you willing to spend?

For example, the Crossbow NAV440 IMU by Moog Corp. costs about US$ 6000 and the stated absolute accuracy is better than 0.4 degrees (let's say 20 arc minutes). http://www.xbow.com/products/inertial-products/products-nav440/

For entertainment, here is a recently compiled list of a broad range of inertial sensors. A small list of IMU / INS / INU

In that list you will find one that does meet your specifications, Advanced Navigation's Spatial FOG (fiber optic ring gyros), a bargain at less than USD$ 40000 http://www.advancednavigation.com.au/product/spatial-fog#specifications

In that case it will be maximum 100$ that I can spend.
Does adxl345 and that series along with gyro provide such kind of resolution ??