High Resolution IR detector to USB

Okay so im building an FTIR and the high resolution pyroelectric IR detector needs to send its visual data most likely via USB to a program in my windows computer. Circuit examples can be found at the link below but the detector ill actually have might have slightly different circuit variable values than in this example.

People have stated that this will not work with arduino because arduino can only really do up to 5 volts…

To measure voltages higher than 5V you simply cut them down with a potential divider. If the 4.8 mV resoloution you get after this reduction is not good enough then use an external A/D.

I have not been able to read that link because you did not post it correctly.


It's posted fine but when you put it into your URL address make sure its all on one line if you copy it in

SupaVillain: It's posted fine but when you put it into your URL address make sure its all on one line if you copy it in

Mike was hinting - none too subtly - that you should post it as a link.

He would also say that rather than expecting us to do the work, you should embed what you have found to be relevant circuits into the message here.

We might also want to know what a FTIR is!

After the last forum software update the links stopped being automatically parsed. You need to tell the post editor you want the text to be a functioning link, not just copy paste the URL, otherwise it is posted as plain text.

The new forum changes mean that I can no longer copy from the forum on an iPad.

Therefore unless you post the link using the link icon I can not read it. That is what I mean by posting the link correctly.

Mind you it is up to you if you are serious about getting help. It is like going to the doctor with a cough and refusing to take of your shirt. Cooperation is vital if you want results.

Here is the link to the actual detector I will be using…

If you are unable to view PDF on iPads, then here is the info you need in a “printscreen” image I’ve uploaded.

Basically I’ve learned enough so far to know that I need to connect the detector and its circuit to an ADC (analog2digital converter) and then to a usb setup like an arduino I guess. I need to either learn how to keep everything under 5 volts (or just the arduino board and not the other device boards???) Or learn how to make my own arduino board that can have more than 5 volts work with it.

Here is the technical picture of the detector and a link to the main page. It’s detector “Eltec Model 420-0”


And about an FTIR, its a machine that puts 632nm IR laser through a michelson interferometer and this is the detector that reads it’s output at the end, which will identify chemical sample substances for chemical analysis. It’s a big project and I’m at the end here working with the electronics in which I have no knowledge (working on that) with.