High resolution temperature sensor connected to Arduino uno

,Hey everyone
I need a high resolution temperature sensor connected to Arduino uno (1c/0.1 volt) its range is ( 0-(100 c I found one (TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board) but it’s 24 bits how can i connect it to my Arduino uno that has only 10 bit ADC
?Also do you think using a potentiometer instead would yield high resolution

From what I have been able to find out the TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board has an I2C interface so should, directly, work with an Uno. 24 bits is no problem for I2C.

Here is a library that may make things easier.


Thank you sir

The TSYS01 module is at Tindie, it is made by ClosedCube and so is the library that @groundFungus mentioned. That library uses the ClosedCube_I2C_Arduino library. I can often spot problems with a I2C library, but that library seems okay.
There are other 0.1°C temperatures sensors at Tindie.

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