High speed wireless multi channel data transfer using HC-06


I would like to acquire multi channel wireless sensor signals using HC-06 with teensy 3.1.
It has a 16bit ADC and i am interested in acquiring four analog channel data and send it via HC-06.
Hc-06 is configured at 57600 Baud Rate(it can be increased to 115200) and i am using following code for wireless data transmission.

The problem is i was able acquire the signals properly upto 20Hz of each channel simultaneously. afterwards the signals are getting distorted.

There could be too much delay in processing arduino code by microcontroller.
I have seen some of multichannel data transmission arduino protocols like below.


how to convert this protocol into arduino code for transmitting 4 channels?
could you suggest me some hints?

Teensy_mc_audio.ino (1.14 KB)