High temperature touchscreen controller.


I'm new to all of this and need to know if my idea is possible.
First question. What do I need to build a tempeture controller that can go up to 400F.
Second question, what do I need to program this and make it a touch screen( I have no programming experience ).
Third question can anyone give me a parts list for what I would need. Thank you for putting up with my ineptitude in this area.

It is certainly possible, because you can buy them. For example EZT-570i Test Chamber Controllers for Environmental Testing | Cincinnati Sub Zero

This is not a project for a beginner.

There is a temperature controller shield available for the arduino.

Provided that you use a serial termnal app its not too difficult.
If you want the graphical interface , as already said, not trivial.

Could you go into mor detail for me on that, again brand new to this.