High Voltage and High Current through Arduino UNO

I need some help. What I want to do is well pretty basic. I need to be able to cross over to wire that is if I have the input wires lest call one #1 and the other #2 and two output wires, #3 and #4. So in state 1 in want #1 to connect to #3 and #2 to connect to #4. Then in state 2 I want #1 to connect to #4 and #2 to connect to #3. Really basic. I am just not to sure how to go about this switching. I would like to use a manual potentiometer to vary the rate at which the switching occurs, I think this is the easiest way to control the switching rate.

The second problem is that the wires should have 48V and .85A running through them. That is what the input wire is rated at, by looking at the power supply. I am either going to cut the end off the power supply and manually use the wires or I can plug it into the power port on the UNO, it is that sized. I need to use this supply, I might also use a different supply, one with fewer Volts but more Amps. I do not know if I can use my UNO or not. Can someone please help me devise a way to use my UNO and/or make sure it is safe to do so. Additionally, code help for the first part would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

hi Badger33 u can achive this with 2 relays making a H-Bridge.Do you want to do it with the Arduino?like having 2 input buttons on the board? :wink:

I want to do the switching with the Arduino if possible. I have no clue what an H-Bridge is or how to do that. I only need one controller on the board like the potentiometer because all I need is to vary the rate at which I change from state 1 to state 2.

hi Badger33,try this:

u have #1,#2,#3,#4…and this scenario

  • when pot is in the middle nothing hapends and #1 is conected to #3 …and #2 is conected to #4
  • when turn the potenciometer left u have #1 conected to #4 (but #2 is still conected to #4)
  • when turn the pot right u have #2 conected to #3 (but #1 is still conected to #3)

You wil need two 5v relays for arduino(you can find them on ebay for about 4€ each),since you are working with 220 i guess
And a 10k poteciometer

the code for Arduino is somthing like this,hope u understand how it works:

void setup() 
  Serial.begin(9600);  // Start Serial comunic. 
  pinMode(12,OUTPUT);  // pin 12 = output to Relay A
  pinMode(13,OUTPUT);  // pin 13 = output to Relay B
void loop() // This Funcion keeps runing when Arduino is powerd on
  int value = analogRead(A0); // store analog red into a variable
  Serial.println(value);  // Show u the potenciometer value on SerialMonitor
  if (value >= 650) // if pot value is bigger/equal to 650...
    digitalWrite(12,HIGH); //pin 12 is powerd,relay is on
    digitalWrite(12,LOW); //pin 12 got no power,and reley is swich off
  if (value <= 350)
    digitalWrite(13,HIGH); //same as pin 12,but for pin 13
  delay(100); // delay time

the potenciometer u need to conct like:
left pin = +
right pin = -
middle pin = analog0
u can change the value as you like,in case u dont have a 10k pot.
Good Luck Juycce