High Voltage Switcher (Relay or SS)

Hi guys,

I need to switch on or off a few equipments that run at 500VDC. Anyone knows a affordable solution for this? Ordinary 230VAC Relays won't work.

Ordinary SSR (Solid State Relay) won't work either.
There are SSRs that can go up to 1000V, and so are there normal relays up to 1000V.

A switching voltage of 10kV or more is no problem, you can search here for example for 1000V DC switching voltage : http://www.mouser.com/Electromechanical/Relays/_/N-5g31

For a solid state, IGBT based, relay; something like this might work:
900 VDC solid state relay
which looks like:

This is a 30 amp version