High Voltage to Arduino Due 3.3V Pin

Hello everyone,

When I measure voltages on my circuit, I unintentionally give 3.3V pin 23.5V so my due does not work anymore. Is there any way to fix the arduino due by changing any component on the due? I don't know the due system in detail.

Thanks in advance for your help...

Not easily. Do you have hot-air rework capability? If not, you're out of luck. One of the members in Scotland can rework boards, I don't know if they can repair Due parts.

Drawing a blank on the name tho - help me out gang! something2K.

thank you very much CrossRoads. I don't have hot-air rework capability, but if you give any advice which component could be damage I can try to change it. thanks a lot...

I would expect that it's "uneconomic to repair." It might be fixable if you want to learn how things work and don't put a value on the hours you will spend on it. If you're paying a professional then they have to spend at least an hour on it, checking everything even if it was "only" a 5-minute repair. An hour of a professional's time is more than the cost of a whole new Due.

Anything over 4V could destroy the processor, 23V means all the chips are fried, that's instant death to 3.3V and 5V devices.

if the mcu was burned, there is nothing to do anymore. thanks a lot for your advices and comments

Remember the gate oxide on a MOSFET is a few nanometres thick, the electric field strengths are around 100MV/m in a working device... Overload that by even a small factor and zap!