High volume sound to trigger a pre-recorded message/alarm

Hi everyone,

I am thinking if and how it is possible to make a project like this:

  1. a higher than a certain lever of sound goes into a mic or other component.
  2. Arduino recognizes high level and instantly plays a pre-recorded message through a speaker
    (or if it is very very hard\time consuming then just playing any sound like alarm or anything)

from what I’ve found out after I’ve searched I figure the issue might be in the part of the recognition,
the speed it “hears” the environment and telling between peak sounds VS loud noise etc’ …

That it why I am asking here,
I will be glad if anyone could point me to a simple (more like of some soldering, some programming and “plug and play”) solution (if exists)
and not electronics mathematical equations please :wink:

Many thanks to the helpers…


I seem to remember a recent thread about using Arduino to drive a graphic equaliser display, and that would give you the logic you need to detect the incoming sound level. I don't know whether you want to detect any particular type of sound or just trigger on a general 'loudness' - I suppose it would be possible to add an external band filter if you want to only detect sound in a particular frequency range. There is a shield which can be used to play pre-recorded samples, forget the supplier but it's been mentioned here in the past and I'm sure a Google search for Arduino sound shield would locate it for you.

Thank you very much Peter,

you gave me the right direction for everything!

There are sound shields for incoming sound and spectrum analyzing like this one: Loading...
and there are sound shields for playing sounds like this one: Audio Shield for Arduino

it looks like it could work together to me, just a noob question: can i have 2 shields one one Arduino?



Unfortunately the two shields don’t seem to be compatible:

The audio spectrum analyzer shield uses pins 4 an 5 for triggering and reset as well as A0 and A1 for getting the values.

The wave shield seems to use pins 4 and 5 too according to the shield list:

One possibility is an go-between shield (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11002) which is able to physically remap pins to other pins.

Thanks for that info pylon! :)