Highest frequency and highest resolution PWM for Arduino Uno

How can i achieve maximum resolution in 16 kHz PWM in timer 1 in Arduino Uno?

By increasing frequency , PWM resolution will be decreased unfortunately.

Pleas help....


The maximum resolution is always 16 bits. Yes, by setting the counter to a lower than 2^16 value, a faster base frequency results. You should also ensure that the clock prescaler is set to the minimum (fastest) value. Also, you are correct, for a given clock frequency, the maximum base frequency gives the minimum resolution, and the minimum base frequency gives the maximum resolution. These are basic, unalterable features of the system. There is no magic way to overcome it.

What are your actual target specifications?

Thanks for your answer
I want a pwm for controlling a dc motor.
So a high resolution pwm is necessary for me.
And the frequency must at least 16 kHz.
When i increasing the frequency Inevitably resolution will decrease.

How can I reach a resolution more than 12 bit in this frequency?