Highly Anticipated 32-bit "Due" due When?

It doesn't make sense to hear it there rather than here.

Yes it does, it is probbly an embargoed press release. The USA are still in bed at the moment. I am in the UK and I am still in bed. The wonders of retirement and an iPad. :)

Several sites have been announcing "It's released" before the actual release. Sloppy reporting, if you ask me, but I hope it means that the Due is really going to show up...

Adafruit says "it's not a coming soon product" (for them), which I find a bit troubling. But then, they are all Rasberry Pi "traitors" lately, so perhaps they've fallen off the "preferred provider" list.

Here is the sparse but “official” announcement: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoDUE

Is that link new today ?

Duane B

Well it's been the 22nd for 18 hours now...bugger I'm Australia, sometimes it's good to be ahead of the west, sometimes not :)


When it does come out, I'm hoping to find a few people who can do an in-depth 3-way review between Arduino Due, Teensy 3.0 and Leaflabs Maple. Anyone can do an "unboxing" or "new products" review with photos, specs and hype (but not actually running any real code). Someone who can actually spend some time running real projects and 3rd party libraries on all 3 and write a detailed article is indeed rare. Any ideas who I should ask?

Of course, so far I can't find any site that claims to have Due for retail sale. Likewise for Maple, except for asian sellers on Ebay.

I give two out of three a little mention here -

I plan on compiling and running some of the code from the rcarduino blog on the teensy over the next week just to confirm portability but nothing that I do really stretches an UNO never mind a Due or Teensy.

For stretching the hardware you should try DIY Drones, thats one area where the size of the teensy will be a major advantage.

EDIT: The main reason I am interested in the Teensy and Due is for audio where speed and 32 bits will have a big impact. The teensy looks interesting for the DSP instructions which may make software filters a possible addition to Arduino audio projects.

Duane B

DuaneB: Is that link new today ?

No. http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoDUE?action=diff

It is for sale in the Arduino store now, link at the top of the page.

I was going to order one until I got to the last stage just before making the payment and saw that it would cost me a total of £94! I then aborted the order process.

Shipping to Aus €73.04 + €39 that's €112...fail.

And as far as I can see it's not with any local guys yet.


Starting from today different resellers will have theirs online and the shipping cost won't be an issue. The quote comes directly from UPS so there is not much we can do about it. we're checking with them because we seem to get different numbers all the time so there is definitely something weird going on


Yeah I’ve seen this before with carriers like UPS, can’t you just stick it in an envelope :slight_smile:


unfortunately the postal service is not an option. too many "lost" packages with no tracking number.

Is there an updated IDE version available so we can compile sketches for the Due?

Congratulations on getting it out anyway, it must be a big day for you guys.

Duane B


yes the new IDE is linked from the product page.


You may want to edit the IDE page :)

WARNING: This software is a beta version, so exspect bugs and..


noted. they're fixing it.. you know it's the excitement of the moment :)


Yes, big day for you guys.