Hijacking existing topics

What is wrong with that ? He has the same question as another guy.

The thinking is this: If he really had the same question, the exact same question, then there is no point in asking it again, it's already been asked and answered, or answered as much as it's going to be. If the existing answer helps someone else then maybe a comment like 'Thanks for this, I had the same problem and this helped me fix it'. Clearly that wasn't the case so it's not the same question. The question might be related and it might be useful to have a link back to a related question for extra background in some cases, and that's fine.

Keeping to one topic one question keeps the forum tidy. The alternative is a question followed by hundreds of replies, with lots of other questions buried in there somewhere and a nightmare for anyone to wade through.

This is the only one forum where I se the word "hijack"

  1. Don't read again
  2. People are asking the same question many times until they get answer.
  3. This is doesn't mean that a new reader can give a correct answer. No one is reading all posts every day.

It is not really open to discussion.

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Don't like it = don't read it

I have split this from the topic it was in as it has nothing to do with that topic and does not help the person asking their question.

Feel free to carry on discussing here if you like but @Deva_Rishi has pretty much summed things up. The forum is what it is, works the way it works, you are free to use it or ignore it as it suits you but if you want to use it then follow the long established rules for this forum. If you don't like the way this forum works then I am sure somewhere else on the Internet there is another one more to your taste.


Look, it is simply a rule for using this forum. You come for help, abide by the rules. Not happy about it ? Go somewhere else with your issue.


it's common language, may be you go only to forum where everyone behave...


You are not my boss to tell me where to go.

I was just curious what is the problem, that's why I asked.

wow wow - hold your horses! Lost in translation may be?

I was not telling you to go to a specific place. I don't care which forum you visit. It's a (mostly) free world.

I was trying to say that your experience of never seeing this word might be because you are only spending time on forums where everyone behave. So this word might not be used in these other forums - hence you don't see it...

My point was that the expression does exist and it's not something invented here.


Where do you come from?

Shall we drop the issue, it is what it is.
Do you still want help with your problem ?

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