HiLink-HLK-RM04 modules review

Thanks chunlinhan for your effort.

I modified chunlinhan's library to fit into Arduino Uno. There are several limitations because of the limited memory and UART port of Uno.

  • AltSoftSerial was used and RX buffer may be too small.
  • Only web client functionality was tried. Even scan functionality was removed because Scan reserves 10 entries in the memory (huge for Uno)
  • For unknown reason mySerial.begin should be called from the main sketch file.


Thanks, Owen

Helllo pinebud

I've tried your library with an Arduino Uno and Nano but it gives the following error:

Build options changed, rebuilding all WiFiWebClient.ino: In function 'void printWifiStatus()': WiFiWebClient.ino:108:28: error: no matching function for call to 'WiFiRM04Class::SSID()' WiFiWebClient.ino:108:28: note: candidate is: In file included from WiFiWebClient.ino:3:0: Arduino/libraries/small_wifi_rm04-master/WiFiRM04.h:203:11: note: char* WiFiRM04Class::SSID(uint8_t) char* SSID(uint8_t networkItem); ^ Arduino/libraries/small_wifi_rm04-master/WiFiRM04.h:203:11: note: candidate expects 1 argument, 0 provided WiFiWebClient.ino:111:23: error: 'class WiFiRM04Class' has no member named 'localIP' Error compiling.

Can you help me?

Best regards


Hi Friends.. I am Gokhu...hlk rm04 module new to me...i readout data sheet , schematics and manuals but still i didn't get clear view about the firmware and what kind of software tool use to write a code in hlk rm04 flash then hlk rm04 having on inbuild boot code...how to write firmware programs hlk rm04 workling as AP and router client..any one.helps to make me...get an clear view...

Atmega328p-pu based hlk rm04 router design schematics and firmware package. i need schematics firmware..plz share any details relates to hlkrm04..i don't have an interest to someone file...i have a interest to write a code friend..yes i want to right my own codes...i will use your project as reference. i will learn from your experience buddy...have a great day...i hopes to wait for your help...dude