hint on defining buttons in the Arduino GUI....

At the other extreme, I'm interested in adding a button (check box?) to the "Serial monitor" bar, next to the text field, to make that field "sticky", so that whatever I put there will stay there when I hit the SEND button. This is handy when you're running code on the arduino side that you expect to send a particular command, over and over again.

I figured out how to make the text sticky, and currently have it set up as a "preference" in preferences.txt. But I have very little experience programming GUIs, and especially not without one of those "helper" apps that lets you drag and drop GUI elements visually. I haven't been able to figure out WHERE in the source code the buttons are defined. Could I have a hint?

Thanks Bill W

EditorStatus.java, I believe.

This is an interesting idea. I've been thinking about some other things for the serial monitor too. For example, having a binary mode in which you can enter bytes numerically and see the numeric values of the bytes received. And being able to select line termination options in text mode (e.g. to configure the XBee modules, which sometimes need carriage returns and sometimes no terminator).

There's starting to be a lot of things though. What if you could do something like alt-click on the send button to keep the text there?

That was sufficient hint. Thanks. I have it working fine now. I don't know if it's really generally useful, so this isn't really a feature request. Just useful for me at the moment, and not a bad way to get familiar with the IDE code...