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R3 uno
4 channel relay optocoupler (only using 3)
128x64 IIC LED screen
x2 momentary switches

I build V8 swapped s10's
I have a transmission (4l60e) that uses 3 solenoids to command a gear.

solenoid A, solenoid B, and TCC are the wire names

simply put by choosing a combination of on or off to each wire you command gears 1-4
park,netural, and drive are all handled by a physical cable.
zero chance of shifting into park or reverse.

i want to use uno r3 with a led screen that displays what gear im in. output to the 3 wires will be handled by a optocoupler relay board.

shifter will be two momentary buttons on the steering wheel one for upshift and one for downshift. works just like a video game. 1,2,3,4 or 4,3,2,1

im not intrested in rpm limits or being told about how downshifting too early could be bad. this truck will live on the track only.

i need code made and a simple schematic of what pins to follow. maybe working out bugs if i have any.

i have provided the gear on/off patterns


i have provided the gear on/off patterns


Have you written any code to test that the relays operate? Have you written any code to prove that setting three relays to known configuration makes the solenoids actually shift the transmission?

Writing code to read the switches, keep track of what gear you are in, preventing going below 0 or above 3, and setting the relays correctly (one it is known whether HIGH or LOW is appropriate for each relay for each gear) is pretty easy.

Showing data on the LCD should also be pretty simple, IF you just want text. If you want graphics, and you want the Arduino to also laugh like a maniac when you miss a shift, that could be a bit harder.

Did you mean LCD screen? 128 by 64 LEDs?

Hmm. The LED screen is the tricky bit - loading up fonts, that sort of thing. If you were happy to just use 4 LEDs wired up to 4 pins, then this would be a simple project.

Did you also need rules like "when shifting from gear 1 to gear 2, first drop output A and leave a 20ms delay before raising output B" ?