Hire Arduino Developer

Hi everyone, I have an opportunity to develop a project using arduino and I'm interested to learn what the going rates for development are. Although I'm a programmer, I would like to remain focused on other areas of the project and sub contract the arduino R&D out. I have the project specs, just not posting them until I meet some people.

If you can give me some ideas about how to proceed using arduino on a project I would be most grateful!

Take care

You need some hardware designed? Custom shield, custom hardware based around Arduino, custom hardware to connect to some Arduino via ribbon cables, or for an Arduino board to mount onto?

Hi Crossroads,

Thanks for your further clarification questions. I would require board development, sensor integration, touch screen integration, and the software development.

I could do the first 3, am not the greatest in software development. Could you do that part? Or find another team member?

Hi CrossRoads,

That is great to know. I'll message you offline with project details.


Let me know if you need someone for the software piece.

I have the project specs, just not posting them until I meet some people.

I can certainly understand that, but some general idea of what the project involves is more likely to attract interested people. For instance, if the project involves RFID cards, XBees, and/or Ethernet connectivity, I'd be interested. If it involved music, I wouldn't be.

Without giving away too much of the plot, I'm sure that you could provide some more information. If not, you need an editor to write the jacket blurb.