Hiring Arduino Developer for Interactive Art/Game Project


My team is currently searching to hire a short-term Arduino developer to help us create an interactive art project.

This art project is comprised of the following elements:

  • Battery-powered portable Arduino units in an enclosure, including LEDs, a small speaker, RFID and possibly something like Bluetooth LE.
  • Wireless emitters that interact with the portable Arduino units in only a small radius; approximately 10 ft. This is essential.

We will guide the Developer through our enclosure selections so they can select components that fit.

The first phase of this project will include selecting hardware elements for their 1) cost-effectiveness 2) robustness 3) energy efficiency and 4) compatibility with the enclosure.

The second phase will be developing and delivering a working beta that can be tested in real life. Once the bugs are sorted out, the plan is for our team to make a few duplicates of everything. We are comfortable cloning and soldering units.

The right developer will need to sign a boilerplate NDA pertaining to this project only. We pay per milestone. Please reply or DM if you have questions.

"Zombie game" clone with esp32 or esp8266?

Something a little like that, but way less two-way interactivity.

Hm .. why do you need an NDA for something like that? It's opensource, anyway, so ..?

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