Hiring arduino or RPI expert (not clear which)

Hi all, here are details of my posts from other forums.

I am looking for 2-3 camera devices to be built, attached. 1) Trigger, 2) Photo transfer device and 3) maybe a mini-USB splitter if necessary. If you send me private msg, I can give you my cell and we can talk in detail. Attached is quick summary of the devices I’m looking for to be built. Budget is in place for this and timeline is within 1-2 weeks (if unreasonable, let me know that too!). All materials will be sent to you for the build. Thanks for your time and consideration.

project outline - Copy.pdf (307 KB)

How is this different from [rduino.cc/index.php?topic=619506.0]your other post](https://forum.a)?

2 more devices than i originally listed. and apparently i need RPi, not just arduino expertise.

Got some pvt messages on this--the budget for project is $1200-1500 depending on skillset/features. Thanks and please reach out if you can help!

Key to the whole project is reliably detecting cars passing at 100m distance. That is not trivial - even with the detector placed next to the road.

A radio link back to the camera is no problem as you must have line of sight (the camera can see the road).

The timeline I think is unrealistic: it takes that long at a minimum to hack a device together (assuming the builder is already familiar with the specific parts you picked), and maybe do a quick test. No thorough testing can be done in that time.