Hiring arduino professionals

Dear forum members,
My name is James Ayer I'm a project manager based in LA California
and i’m looking to hire a professional individual who's familiar with building arduino
range detectors using ultrasonic sensors. Earlier knowledge and experience with ultrasonic
sensors and beam width tweaking is necessary.
If you or someone you know, possess the skills for this job, please contact me at

Six sections. Six posts. None of them in the correct place.

I can't help but wonder how well you will do signing a paycheck.

maybe he will sign six times! (sorry could not resist :wink:

What ranges need to be scanned?
Fixed point or multiple (scanning like a robot or so)
Do you have preferred hardware?
Battery operated?
What to do with the signal?
so many questions ...

yes Arduino is a fairly broad reaching term as in the board's are meant for general prototyping needs, they are not specifically designed for ultrasonic sensors, so the range is limited.

Did you mean original custom board design to control a broad range of ultrasonic frequencies? You can use a microcontroller PCB to control pretty much anything... so maybe try placing the add in the science categories on indeed.com and seek.com would give you a better audience appropriation ie ultrasonic equipment experts.

That is assuming your not another Cunning Trevor, or Trevor Cunningham, like the last one I read from here, ie looking for cheap 3rd world labour for a mining company that's gone el cheapo as the industry turns to shite.