Hiring expert programmer to 1. create codes 2. explain them in a written format


My team makes small wearable projects with LilyPads. Our users are generally teenagers and for that, we are focused on making our projects educational. Our projects are SIMPLE, nothing that involves a robot picking up things.

I would like to get help with the following:

  1. When I come up with the concept, create the code.
    The code should be perfect (I say this because I had other make codes that were not optimized)

  2. Test the code
    If you don’t have a Lilypad, you can use the breadboard.

  3. Explain the code in blocks. This is for the users to understand and our team to edit to create educational content.
    The tutorials should be detailed and using simple languages. Analogies are great, anything that can help the young user understand.

  4. If I have a question, provide answers and instructions.
    It is extremely important that I get to ask questions, because I have to teach the codes again to the students.

Below is a sample of the code and tutorial we are looking for.

If you are a great candidate, email me at ClaireJ@studentrdh.com (include sample of work you have done).

PAY: $100-200 for each project.
Start date: Anytime in May-June 2018.
Project turn around: few days.

of projects: around 10.

Thank you.

Mo3_Despacito_and_Starwars_and_silence.ino (3.28 KB)

Mo 3 code explanation - Claire, completed.doc (41 KB)


Very interesting project. PM sent to you.