hiring for Led strip + actuator control help

Hi. I build pokertables and some of them have rgb light strips in them and also dual remotecontrolled actuators for hightsetting.

My intention is to find a nice looking way of controlling both with either a existing nice remote, a new built custom remote (small touchscreen in alum box?) or Iphone. I think the iphone control would sit nice with some types of customers. Tho a single nice looking remote would be fine if it was working properly.

There is room in the retangular legs for the electronics.

I have a arduino uno playboard and been fiddling with the idea but I simply dont have the time, wich is a shame quite frankly.

As for the RGB led strip. The better, the better. 60 leds/m is preferable. one 5m strip and one around 4m. If its fully addressable and can dance around doing what it does best, all the better. but not necessary as it might seem a bit tacky or circusy to some, smooth colortransitions would do.
Ofcourse there is a budget to consider when choosing the strips and so on, but that'll mostly land on the customers wallet.

Anyone got any ideas/willing to take the job ?

EDIT: Most iphone-related controllers use WiFi wich is fine, but as I see it, Bluetooth would be even better/easier ?

As with most embedded systems it’s much easier to write the code if you have access to the hardware. If you specify your location you might be able to find someone local to you.

hi,friend,you always can't get the 5m and 4 m adressable LED strips from shop,may be get from china suppliers.if you want to control the system in long distance,you can consider use the RF remote.