HLW8012 power monitor problems.


i got the following board, and used the GitHub - xoseperez/hlw8012: HLW8012 library for Arduino and ESP8266 using the Arduino Core for ESP8266. library.

Problem: no way to have a correct reading.

Power supply: 224V
Load - Eggboiler 400W

Was anyone able to have this device working as it should?

Thx in advance.

Do you think that the pcb board is made according to the rules for mains voltage ?

What do you get ?
Do you get something in the serial monitor ?
Are the values wrong ? In what way ?

Was anyone able to have this device working as it should?

I don’t want to. It is not safe. It is a gimmick.

That thing looks dangerous. Like, fatally dangerous. No isolation, no creepage or clearance considerations between mains and logic power.

Someone's going to get hurt by that thing.

@pw44, please do not use that module.
After the post of Blackfin, I took a better look.
That module has about 5 places that are very dangerous. It is only a matter of time before bad things will happen.
The green is low voltage and the red is high voltage (I have colored the resistors wrong, it should be the capacitors, but the problem is clear I hope).


Someone wrote at StackExchange: "Oh no, not that IC again...".
Halfway this page is a schematic.



The IC is designed for use with two opto couplers to provide isolation, this fact does not appear to be mentioned in what I have read about it.
Any controller you connect to the output of this "contraption" will be at Neutral potential with the risk of it being the ACTIVE mains potential.
Your controller needs to be isolated from the mains power for YOUR safety.

PS, It is used in Sonoff WiFi monitoring units.

Thank you all. I must agree that it's a risky piece,

I will discard it and go to the sonoff pow r2 - i have one and it works as intended - with espeasy.

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