HM-10 and SPI

I have a HM-10 BLE connected to my arduino over UART.

HM-10 TX - Arduino Pin 10 softRX
HM-10 RX - Arduino Pin 11 softTX
HM-10 GND - Arduino GND
HM-10 VCC - Arduino 3.3V
HM-10 STATE - Not connected.
HM-10 BRK - Not connected.

My rookie assumption of a spi device was that I should be able to connect to it.
And then set a pin high/low when I want to talk to it - i.e. chip select (CS)?

Clearly HM-10 BRK is used to signal a break in communication.
However I though that HM-10 STATE might be CS, but the HM-10 responds regardless of weather STATE is high or low. Any idea's as I want to connect more than one SPI device to my arduino ....

Ray K

STATE is to connect an external LED.
BRK is interrupt transmission.

Guess it is not a SPI device after all - RTFM.

Ray K

Clearly HM-10 BRK is used to signal a break in communication.

It isn't clear to me at all. Further, in the light of the link you posted, it doesn't get any clearer. These 6-pin modules usually have the same arrangement - power, TxRx, a pin for an external LED, usually labelled STATE, and a pin used to activate the AT-mode, usually labelled KEY or EN.

A picture of the back of the module and a link to where you really got yours would be interesting as, if the sixth pin signals a break in transmission, a question arises about how it is configured in AT-mode.

For all that, the pins you have left disconnected can stay disconnected for normal communications.

You might find the following background notes useful