HM-10 BLE and Arduino

Im working on an Arduino project remote controlling devices via Bluetooth.
Im using Mega 2560 and BLE HM-10. Everything works but I would like to disconnect the peripheral device from the central.
I have searched around for a command, preferable AT command, to be able to shut down the connection beetween the two bluetooth units.
Maybee I will have to use a library to fulfill my needs?

Thanks for any help.


I guess the simplest solution would be to simply disconnect the power to Bluetooth via one of Arduino's pins. With an HM-10, you may even find that it is OK to do this directly. I can't see the point of trying to do this by interfering with an AT command, as I imagine you have to disconnect in order to get into AT mode.

By software; Send the "AT" command (upper case, no line endings) to the central module. Needs a short pause after any data that has been sent.
By hardware; on either module set the BRK pin LOW for a short while (I think it is a second or more).