HM-10 BLE Reset to default


I need to reset my HM-10 BLE to default settings, I changed something and my bluetooth scanner doesn't find it how can i revert it back

Thanks in advance

Is Google broken where you are ?

As I read it, it seems OP can't send AT commands at all so can't send AT+RENEW

You should cold boot your HM-10 and try connect to your HM-10 at various baud rates and see if it answers AT commands.
➜ try 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400


I tried all of those baud rates, before it was 9600 and it was working. I did AT+ROLE1 if im not mistaken and after that it disconnected and I can no longer find it. Arduinos serial monitor returns nothing when sending AT+RESET

AT+ROLE1 will make the device a Master... that's not enough to get it to disappear.. but Your module might be 3.3V only. If you used 5V it might be dead...

It has been running on 5V for 1-2 months now. So far it has worked splendidly. Even when I connect it to the computer the module lights up, i just cant find it with my BLE app and I can't send commands through the serial monitor. It happened right after i did AT+ROLE1 which resulted in disconnection and suddenly it disappearing from my available devices.

Does your module offer a BRK pin? hold that LOW to ensure it's disconnected from any other device.

There is no magical trick I know but exploring through the Serial interface.

It does have a break pin but the LED is blinking which means its waiting for connection. I noticed that one of the tx wires was close to falling off though, there was an issue a few days ago where it didn't turn on since the wire was broken and after resoldering it everything worked fine. So i'll try to get that soldered back on and report back

sounds indeed like something to explore

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