HM-10 BLE set to central mode, no longer accepting AT commands

So I was messing around with an HM-10 BLE connected to an Arduino Uno and following instructions from here:

The AT commands were working fine, then I decided to set the HM-10 to central mode. Now the HM-10 has a solid red light on, but it no longer is accepting AT commands from the serial monitor. Anyone know what's going on and how I can get it talking to the serial monitor again?

Nevermind, I managed to fix this. Seems that when I set the HM-10 to central mode, it was autoconnecting on startup with some other bluetooth device somewhere and refusing to take commands while connected. Ended up wrapping the HM-10 in aluminum foil so it couldn't connect to anything, then it was able to accept AT commands again and I could use AT-RENEW.