HM-10 clone AKA CC41A peculiar behaviour

Hi Guys,

For the last few days I have been working with the CC41A(also known as the HM-10 clone) from eBay.

With AT+HELP I retrieved a list with options which was very helpful as the datasheet is extremely limited.

So I got it all working with my boards and I was happy playing and I decided to try and see what I could do with the UUID and CHAR. Normally this allows you to change the "service" of the device.

After I was done playing, I changed it back to the original values(0xFFE0 & 0xFFE1). This worked great and I again had correct connectivity with the CC41A and could send over some data.

Suddenly the app stopped responding to requests.. To my surprise the UUID was spontaneously changed to one of the UUID's I tested! Now I am unable to change it back, even with an AT+RENEW and AT+RESET. Seems like I locked the device to this different UUID :o

Anyone played with this as well?

Something else I found was that I am unable to change the firmware of the CC41A through the I2C of the CC2541. I can in no way get it into debug mode with different programmers and following the protocols as in the datasheets.

Could it be that the CC41A is not only a clone.. But the actual hardware is badly cloned as well?