HM-10 iBeacon detector questions

I have an application that requires using the arduino to detect multiple iBeacons, and roughly determine their range and locations.

Thanks to previous posts on this forum, I have set up a few HM-10 BLE (Running Firmware V539) modules to scan for beacons, and parse the results. I recently hit a roadblock and have some questions.

The HM-10 apparently limits iBeacon scan results to 6. Worse, the results are inconsistent, meaning if more than 6 beacons are nearby, it includes them in the results randomly. Is there a way to remove this limit? If not, can I make the HM-10 include results with the highest RSSI?

I already know the UUID of the beacons I want to look for. Is there a way I can speed up scan results by looking for specific UUIDs?

I know in older firmware versions the command "AT+DISC?" was used to find BT devices and had a limited number of scan results, and that limit has subsequently been removed. In later firmware versions, the command "AT+DISI?" was added specifically to scan for iBeacons, but seemingly re-included the result limit. Did the firmware versions in-between those changes actually return scan results including iBeacons using "DISC?", with no result limit? If so, can I downgrade to that version?

Thanks for any help.

Hi all,

I have exactly the same problem: max 6 beacon can be detected....

Someone have find a solution ??

Thanks for your help :)

Hi, any solution to this problem? Im only seeing 6 beacons :(

Same problem here, I bought 4-5 modules to test and all of them are giving me problems.

Have a look to this thread where I was explaining each problem with differents modules.

Did you guys found a solution for that? I also need to find more than 6... :(

Hi guys. I am working on a similar project, however the limit of 6 scans of HM 10 doesn't seem to bother my purpose. During my research I came across a product that might be of some interest to you guys "Dialog Semiconductor DA14580". Some company is probably already using this BLE device to develop a beacon scanner for real time tracking. Keep this post updated if the product helps. Thanx