HM-10 iPhone Proximity Unlock/Lock

I am working on a complicated project but I need to get past one thing I am stuck on. Thought someone smarter than me might be able to help out.

I simply need a bluetooth module (I have HM-10) to search for a specified iPhone and when it discovers it, run a function which in my case will unlock a door.

If I can further improve this by somewhat being able to adjust the distance before trigger, (RSSI?) even better, however I mainly just want this function to be run once the iPhone is found and another function to run when the HM-10 can't find that iPhone anymore.

Any idea how I can achieve this?

I need this to happen without any interaction on the iPhone itself, such as in the background. I'm uncertain if the iPhone is always discoverable via BLE however...


did you manage to find a way to do this project?

i am struggling my self in a project