hm-10 iphone servo control

Hi everyone

I have looked everywhere and cant find anything but could someone point me in the right direction for a code (even cheeckily make a code) for a Hm-10 bluetooth, servo control that i can control with iphone please

Probably looking too hard and missed it. Any servo code that uses serial input should suffice. Your bluetooth is just another serial i/o device. All you need is the app that sends the appropriate commands.

Yeah i only want to do one maybe two projects for a model i'm making so have no idea of programming or anything, just cant get my head around it and i have patches of hair missing. once i have the code thats all i need and wont be doing any more

yeah cant find anything in there even with the search function

Don't look at me. I'm just a humble datalogger who uses bluetooth. But there are 1001 servo control threads on this forum, and the link I posted should be where most of them are.

yeah dont you think iv looked on there? even using the search function!
its like me saying to you, here, heres a lawnmower thats been stripped down, you dont know the make or model and the engine, gearbox, pulleys, belts, body work, everything are in bits and telling you to rebuild it.
You ask on a forum and me replying with the same answer you gave, its not helpful......and yes i work on lawnmowers!

yeah dont you think iv looked on there? even using the search function!...
.......the same answer you gave, its not helpful

Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have bothered to post on this thread. In the light of the above, I guess the real problem is that you are the first person in the known universe that wants to use serial input to control a servo. I find that a little hard to swallow, but then again, I don't know anything about servos.