HM-10 keeps Disconnecting From Phone After Sending LoRa Message

Hi all,

I have built a app using MIT App Inventor that connects via BT to an HM-10 connected to an Arduino Nano.

There is also a LoRa side of the project for sending messages.

Whenever a LoRa message gets sent the HM-10 connected to the board that just sent the LoRa message, keeps disconnecting from the phone.

I think it is the HM-10 that is disconnecting from the phone not the other way round because the HM-10 shows disconnected about 1 second before the phone app. If it was the phone I think the phone would show disconnected first or at about the same time!

Here is my code:

The BRK and STATE pins on the HM-10 have not been wired up. Could this be the problem?

Please let me know if I have not explained anything well enough!



GoBuddy_Work_in_Progress.ino (9.04 KB)

Could the "LoRa.print" commands interfere?

Hi all,

I have discovered the problem!

It was the app! Sorry for putting you crook!

I am using MIT Al2 App Inventor and if you are using your phone as a emulator this problem occurs.

If you download the app onto your phone the problem is fixed!

Hope this helps someone with the same problem.