HM - 10 sending data

I woul like to know how can I make HM-10 send data after every Serial.print() from Arduino. I'm receiving data at Android device and I need receive it one by one. Is here someone who can help me? I'm very new at Arduino.

Your post is rather incomprehensible. If you are already receiving data at the Android device, your problem is merely with the formatting.


will give you a line shift in Android.

The appearance of data in Android terminal will look the same as it would have if you had sent it to the serial monitor - no change in programming required.

Thank you for your respond,
I know, that I can use Serial.println(), but my problem is, that I’m sending data from sensors in format

1: <data_number>
2: <data_number>

This first number before ‘:’ is identification of sensor type.
But sometime I receive in one package of data two types like this

DATA[1: <data_number>2: <data_number>]

This cause, that I read just first information properly, and second is lost. That’s the reason why I would like to send data from HM-10 after every Serial.println(). Is it possible?

I use delay(20) between every Serial.println(), but it seems like not enough.

I think it is time for you to properly post the code.

I don’t think the delay(20) is a problem for the serial transmission, but it might be a problem somewhere else. You should be able prove that by sending the data to the serial monitor instead.

You should be able to simply

Serial.print("       ");

to get a sensible display on a bluetooth terminal for Android.

Hi Everyone,

Can i please know how to send data from hm-10 to android device. To which characteristic we should write the data so that the data appears in android app. I am using android app "nRF Master Control". Using the app i am able to send data to HM-10 and the data which is sent from app appears in the arduino serial terminal.
But the reverse case i.e when i type something in arduino serial terminal, it doesnot appear in the app.

Please some one help me on this.