Hm10 BLE for ibeacon Scanning?

Hello. I am working on a project to detect beacons in a particular area. I was working with USR BLE 101 module but now the company responds that it cannot be used for Ibeacon scanning. Can HM-10 be used to detect ibeacons and read their UUID,major,minor and rssi values? Please help.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Akas,

Im new in arduino and electronic and trying to do the same than you.

I need to (only) discover devices walking near and I am having a lot of issues. I bought a lot of devices to test and still looking… Im using an android app simulating ibeacons/eddystone.

1.- I started buying a HM-10 and I discovered that was C410-A (fake HM-10), actually it cannot discover any device.

2.- I bought the genuine HM-10 (JNHuaMao) and discover my beacons but a maximum of 6 devices and people said was not even ordered by proximity… it doesnt work for me.

3.- I bought a HC-05 that is BT2 but I though that was able to detect beacons only for discovering purpose without connection, but cannot.

3.- I just bought a SH-H4S ( and look good is BLE, it detect my android ble when is visible but is not detecting any beacon from the app and Im starting to think that maybe a device is not enough with be BLE to detect beacons when scanning (Do you know something about this?)