HM10 / CC41 / HM11 No serial communication from BLE Device


I Have a product using a HC05. But to make it work with an iphone i need a BLE device. So because of the size and formfactor i bought several HM10 and CC41 and HM11 Bluetooth shields. to try which one is the best for all platforms. (Android Windows and IOS)

So now i connected the BLE shield to my Arduino (Mega) with the board and 3,3v to 5v converter and one without the board directly to a Due. I can send commands to the shield and the shield is answering. So i See the menu etc.

  • Command Description *
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------- *
  • AT Check if the command terminal work normally *
  • AT+RESET Software reboot *
  • AT+VERSION Get firmware, bluetooth, HCI and LMP version *
  • AT+HELP List all the commands *
  • AT+NAME Get/Set local device name *
  • AT+PIN Get/Set pin code for pairing *
  • AT+PASS Get/Set pin code for pairing *
  • AT+BAUD Get/Set baud rate *
  • AT+LADDR Get local bluetooth address *
  • AT+ADDR Get local bluetooth address *
  • AT+DEFAULT Restore factory default *
  • AT+RENEW Restore factory default *
  • AT+STATE Get current state *
  • AT+PWRM Get/Set power on mode(low power) *
  • AT+POWE Get/Set RF transmit power *
  • AT+SLEEP Sleep mode *
  • AT+ROLE Get/Set current role. *
  • AT+PARI Get/Set UART parity bit. *
  • AT+STOP Get/Set UART stop bit. *
  • AT+START System start working. *
  • AT+IMME System wait for command when power on. *
  • AT+IBEA Switch iBeacon mode. *
  • AT+IBE0 Set iBeacon UUID 0. *
  • AT+IBE1 Set iBeacon UUID 1. *
  • AT+IBE2 Set iBeacon UUID 2. *
  • AT+IBE3 Set iBeacon UUID 3. *
  • AT+MARJ Set iBeacon MARJ . *
  • AT+MINO Set iBeacon MINO . *
  • AT+MEA Set iBeacon MEA . *
  • AT+NOTI Notify connection event . *
  • AT+UUID Get/Set system SERVER_UUID . *
  • AT+CHAR Get/Set system CHAR_UUID . *
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------*
  • Note: (M) = The command support slave mode only. *
  • For more information, please visit *
  • Copyright@2013 All rights reserved. * ********************************************************************

So that part is working. every BLE sample i download for android or ios let me connect to the shield (led stops flashing and stays on) but i don't see any data comming in.

I tried it with my Logic analyzer and the shield isn't sending any data through the TX and RX ports.

Any idea. I tested four of them and none respond.

Kind regards


I connected only the 5v on the one with the adapter or 3,3v on the due. The ground and tx and rx

Did anyone find a solution for this?