HM10 Pairing Failed

my hm10 bluetooth cannot connect on android when trying to pair it says "pairing failed incorrect pairing key or the device you want to pair with is configured incorrectly". PLEASE HELP im using huawei nova 2i android version 8.0.0

You need to use better punctuation, and write correct sentences. Maybe then you will get an answer.
You should also be as informative as you can.

Did you try 1234 and/or 0000 as the PIN?

I assume English is your second language, but this is the bit that counts

incorrect pairing key

It probably won't help, and the real answer is throw it away and get an HC-05, but note that pairing key is six digits and default is "000000"

Here is a link to a bluetooth hc-06, the pairing code should be 1234

Here is a link to a bluetooth hc-06,

I don't know why you would post that. it just confuses people.