hmc5883L 2nd and 3rd directions

(Sorry for poor english) Hey, Im using the hmc5883L Triple-axis Magnetometer , and Im sondering if there is by any chance, a way to get another info about its status except from the info i get about its borth-south status.

When im doing this: float headingX = atan2(raw.XAxis, raw.YAxis); I get the compass info, but i want the 3D Gyro info... can I get it?

float headingX = atan2(raw.XAxis, raw.ZAxis); or float headingX = atan2(raw.ZAxis, raw.YAxis);

just wont work. thanks.

i want the 3D Gyro info... can I get it?

Not from a magnetometer.

Well, he should be able to read X Y Z values of the magnetic field vector.

amyu98, you should post your code, and what output do you get from it. If you need help, "just wont work" is useless information.

Guessing from the working example, to print all three raw magnetometer readings: