HMC5883L GY-293 Compass Module.. Please help

Hi, whoever has experience dealing with this compass module, please take some time to help me, may God bless you for your kind assistance.

I have tried many tutorials on how to use the HMC5883L, unfortunately, none of them working. I am now suspecting the robustness and functionality of this module, but some people successfully use this module perfectly. So, to these people, I need your help.

The result I am getting is a noisy result - no specific pattern. I left it on my table without touching it but the value is varying from 0 up to 200. And of course, I already made sure there's no magnetic stuff around. I even change location but still the noisy result I get. Also, I have tried connect 4.7k pullup resistor for the sake of i2c, still it's not working.

Please post a link to your compass module, and a circuit diagram of your project. Which Arduino do you use?

If your Arduino works at 5V, you need an I2C level shifter for communication with the 3.3V compass. You may have damaged the chip by the 5V signals on SCL/SDA.

It's a good idea to only buy modules coming with a data sheet and Arduino library and example programs. I also buy at least 2 modules, so that I can compare the behaviour of multiple modules.