Where have I seen this before ?­=Exhibition%20-%20Seriously%20Cheap%20Arduino%20ba<x>sed%20Remote%20Sensor.html

Here perhaps ?

Huh. It doesn’t seem to be anyone claiming it as their own work; just a verbatim repost in an appropriate forum. Sorta like making it to hack-a-day, but without the attribution. An interesting moral dilemma! (Are you sure you didn’t post it there yourself? I’d just add a link (as “guest”) to your thread on the forums here…)

Send a complaint to they’re hosting the pirate.

(Are you sure you didn’t post it there yourself?

No that has happened to me several times.

With the Arduinocaster I did a google search before I posted here and to the maker site and there were zero hits. After two weeks there were two thousand hits for my made up word. Just done another one and there are 6170 hits for a word I made up nine months ago. Some were translated into another language and then back into English, the results were nothing like my original post. But basically it is all my original posting.

Congrats, Mike, you now officially can claim creation rights to a word - quick, you should patent it before someone else does!

Can be… Very similar