Hobby-Boards HT3-R1-A Temp/Humidity boards

I'm new to Arduino and writing code for it. I've been searching for some code examples on how to interface with the Hobby-Board sensors like the HT3-R1-A Temperature/Humidity. I have a couple laying around and would like to put them to use. I have found code for hooking up just the 1-wire temp sensor, (DS18B20) and have gotten that to work fine. I also found some code for just hooking up the Honeywell HIH-4021 but have not tried this as I don't have just the chip on hand. But I'm stuck on how to get these two sensors to work together on the Hobby-Boards sensor with an Arduino Uno like this one, http://www.hobby-boards.com/store/products/Humidity%7B47%7DTemp.html I would appreciate any help or guidance in getting these boards to work either to the serial monitor of LCD.

Thanks, Jim

Well, according to that link you posted, it claims to use the "one-wire" communications scheme, so I suggest you try that.

The first thing to do, would be to hook it up to your arduino according to the one-wire requirements, and run the sketch which identifies the ten-digit code of all or any of the one-wire devices connected.