Hobby Motor Not Moving Backwards


Need to know whats causing my 3-6v DC hobby motor to not rotate in reversed polarity… I am using adafruit motor shield v1 with adafruit motor library and while running the code the motor is only responding to motor.run(FORWARD) and motor.run(RELEASE) but not to motor.run(BACKWARD).

As a side note i have also changed the wires to reverse the polarity and yes the motor does work as intended but still no response to that specific instruction.

I have connected the pins to m4 and tested on both 5v arduino supply and 9v external supply. And yes i have properly edited the code to refer the motor to m4. The code attached is the base code i used.

backwardandforward1.ino (296 Bytes)

For someone reason im not able to attach jpeg images so im going to post the link here:



I think the reason your JPEG won't upload is because it contains EXIF data from your camera. Converting it to a PNG is probably the simplest option. Alternatively save a part of the image as new JPG file.

See this Simple Image Guide

You have not told us what motor you are using. Please provide a link to the motor datasheet.