Hobby Servo on NiMH 7.2v

I have a 7.2v NiMH battery I wish to run some hobby servos on. I'm not worried about the motor, nor am I worried about overheating as I intend to work on the lower half of the torque curve, but I do wonder about the electronics.

I have MG996R's and SG92R's and MG946R's. I found a datasheet for the MG996R (I think the others are similar) and it uses this:



which has an absolute maximum voltage rating of 7.5v

My crappy VOM shows my 7.2V battery at 7.6 something under no load.

Theoretically that should blow up but what is the real world? It seems to me that the 7.2V NiMH must be a popular battery in the RC world and they use hobby servos.

What gives? I'd prefer not to drop the voltage with a diode.

NiMH pack won't be 7.2V, because NiMH cells are approx 1.3V, not 1.2V. You really need a
4S NiMH pack, not 6S. The chip is operationally rated upto 7V, 4.8V recommended...