Hobbyist Resources Guide!

So I have written up an article that I think would be very useful to everybody!
Its a guide that points you in directions so you can find the cheapest and best parts for prototyping.

It also provides a little guidance for beginners on where to go when they are just starting out and all that!
Check it out!


You forgot the most important source of all... Ebay. I just love the Chinese sellers of electronic components on ebay, have not had any bad experiences. Takes some time to get here but you get free shipping from most.

Oh yea i did!
lemme fix that real quick


How about www.iteadstudio.com and www.seeedstudio.com


Marlin P Jones
Electronic Gold Mine
dip micro

And, the vendors who are here on the board, of which 2 come to mind right away.
Rugged Circuits

Wasn't there a 'post your favorite vendor' thread a few months ago? Of course, 'resources' could be 'sources of knowledge' too.

Tayda has $1.12 6"x6" copper boards! Everything there is so cheap, and there's stuff on they're ebay page too.

I know its great!

Allelectronics? http://www.allelectronics.com/index.php
Futurlec? Futurlec - The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore
MakerShed? Maker Shed: Arduino | Raspberry Pi | 3D Printers | Microcontroller Kit
PJRC - home of the Teensy? http://www.pjrc.com/

Also DSSCircuits.com here in the forum.
Gravitech.us has lots of parts as well.

Well I was intending the article to be more of a startoff for beginners although I think i’ll update it to be a like a catalog of things to include everything everybody has said.

You should visit those sites as they differ quite a bit in layout as well as what they offer. Some are better for some things, some are easier to nav, some charge for shipping and some take a chunk of forever on delivery, etc. How can you can know how to present them if you don't check them out?

Also hope you have seen this page: Distributors — Arduino Official Store
It lists makers/dealers who do pay back into Arduino. Not everyone does.