hobbyking ESC blue series

hy everybody

I lately bought the 30 A ESC from Blue Series from hobbyking. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__13429__hobbyking_30a_blueseries_brushless_speed_controller.html

I plan to use it for my quadrocopter. But I don't know, how high PWM frequencies this ESC can handle. On the description of hobbyking only this frequency is mentioned, which, I guess is the controller frequency:

Frequency : 8kHz

The ESC should be able to handle signals around 200Hz for a functioning stabilisation.

Have you ever tried out or read how high frequencies this ESC can receive?

Thanks in advance

8KHz is the switching speed the ESC uses for the motor not the control signal input to the ESC. Just use the standard arduino servo library to control the ESC.

If you need "fast" ESC's, look at RCGroups forums to see if the SimonK-firmware is compatible with your ESC

The SimonK-firmware is made specially for Quads etc. - it's very fast!

// Per.

Thank you for your replies.

@retrolefty: I’m already using the servo library on my MEGA to controll the brushless motors.

@Zapro: Thank you for the hint. I looked it up and it should work with the Simonk software. I’ll
get the tool and flash them.


I know this post is old but want you to know what i found out. After contacting a product expert at hobbyking they wrote me this:

The ESCs will handle up to 400hz -430hz refresh rate

kind regards


The Servo library doesn't refresh that fast though - you may want a different library to drive it, someone will have adapted Servo library to drive fewer pins faster I'd imagine.

Yes I read about the same problem with the servo library and am wondering how to solve it.

im using the servo library to control my ESC using writeMicroseconds, and i found out that the PWM frequency of servo library is 50Hz, but my application needs a faster response.


A solution may be to change the update rate in the library.

i found something useful inside the Servo.h there is a line

define REFRESH_INTERVAL 20000 // minimum time to refresh servos in microseconds

changing this to 3333 might change the frequency from 50Hz to 300Hz in all pins that are attached as servo, am i right?

my problem is that I can't find the path for the libraries (also hardware/libraries/utility/servo.h doesn't works) but that's another problem.

I also thought about using the analog.write() function, which normally has higher frequencies about 488Hz or even 976Hz (more than my ESC can handle without Simonk software). Is it true that I could change this frequenzy by overwritting the TCCRnB register of the timer for the pins where the motors are attached on my ATmega2560? or is it impossible to change the frequency of analog.write?

any idea?